Quotations For Essay A Rainy Day & Monsoon

At the Matriculation level, Rainy Day or Monsoon is a frequently asked essay. Students are asked to pen down their thoughts and feelings about the rainy day. Everybody shares their experience and adorns their essay with unique thoughts by using imagery.

Besides the exact subject matter, these are quotes that enhance the worth and beauty of an essay. So it becomes mandatory for students to add poetic quotes to get full marks in their monsoon essay.

Following are the best quotations for the essay Rainy Day. If you are asked to write about the essay “Monsoon” even then the main intent remains the same, so you are allowed to add these quotes in your essay, “Monsoon” too.

All the quotes are best and unique, even then you can choose 4 to 5 to add to your essay, “Rainy Day.”

To make your quotes more dominant, don’t forget to leave one line blank before and after the quotes. Using the different shades of blue ink while adding these quotes will increase the beauty of the paper.

10th Class Quotations For Rainy Day & Monsoon Essay in Pakistan

Here are the best rainy day essay quotations in English. You can use these quotes about monsoon essay in your test or paper with confidence.

The rising clouds in the east,
Black and brown akin the beast,
Gasping masses got a relief,
When raindrops kissed the leaf.

Calym Nush
quotation about monsoon essay

It is bounty, blessing indeed,
A rain drop, when we need,
Sparks the tip akin the bead,
Giving a life to the seed.

Calym Nush
a rainy day essay quotations

When there is no rain,
All futile, all in vain,
When it pours in the mane,
Heals the nature, kills the pain.

Calym Nush
a rainy day essay quotations for 10th class

There in nature far away,
In the shades of green and grey,
A foggy night, a rainy day,
With me what I want to stay.

Calym Nush
quotes on essay rainy day

When it rains,
Wipe the pains,
Heart and brains,
Strain the chains,
What we get,
To sorrow let,
Flow in drains,
We are happy,
We are gains.

Calym Nush
rainy day quote

Let me say,
In rainy day,
You and they,
Go and play,
In flooded street,
Strong and weak,
When there flash,
Makes splash,
Enjoy the rain,
Kill the pain.

Calym Nush
rainy day essay quotations

From Lord’s shop
A raindrop,
Of the earth,
Can quench the thirst.

Calym Nush
a rainy day essay for class 10 with quotations

In August May or June,
Up above in the horizon,
When there was a dazzling noon,
Gathered clouds of the monsoon,
Lots of rain rain when they brought,
Water is life, it was taught.

Calym Nush
Quotations For Essay Monsoon

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