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“Scene at a Railway Station” is an essay at the Matriculation level. It is included in the PTB Composition book. The text is great, and the content covers the condition of the intent. You should prepare the scene at railway station essay from this recommended book by the Government.

Quotes, the other important things are not there in the book. Here is the compensation.

You can choose from this article the quotes for your essay, “Scene At a Railway Station.” These all are in poetic form. Your dynamic prose of the essay and the poetic beauty of these quotes will show perfection to each other.

These quotes for essay a scene at railway station are easy to learn and remember. These can easily be adjusted at the start or the end of any paragraph.

Anyhow, to make these quotes more dominant, leave at least one line blank before and after these quotes. You can also use dark shades of blue ink to fascinate the checker who will be compelled to give you full marks.

10th Class Quotations For Scene At Railway Station Essay in Pakistan

Here are the best Scene At Railway Station essay quotations in English. You can use these quotes about Scene At Railway Station essay in your test or paper with confidence.

In a scene at railway station,
Reflets the image of a nation,
What kind of they are creation,
Get it known by this location.

Calym Nush
scene at railway station essay quotations

There is laughter, there is tear,
In the crowd, all is hidden,
If you see, it seems clear,
When a train has been ridden.

Calym Nush
quotes for essay a scene at railway station

Above the status are rain and train,
They come and go again and again,
Giving the equal loss and gain,
For rich and poor they are same.

Calym Nush
quote for scene at railway station essay

Holding the bag at railway station,
The passenger looks at his watch,
He will make some serious relation,
With the train, as they scotch.

Calym Nush
quotations for essay scene at railway station

With no princess neither queen,
Since then I was sixteen,
At railway station with the scene,
In the relation, I have been.

Calym Nush
a scene at railway station quotations

The trains come and go,
But station remains there,
Bidding farewell and hello,
Seeing people how they care.

Calym Nush
quotation for Scene At Railway Station essay

A scene at railway station,
Is glance at a nation,
Its depicts their face,
Their dignity and their grace.

Calym Nush
scene at railway station essay quotation

Leaving the big when it ran,
A small world is still in train,
In their box, All the folks,
Enjoying gossips, cracking jokes.

Calym Nush
quote for essay a scene at railway station

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