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At the Matriculation level “Libraries” is an important essay. Students find it dull and dry and usually don’t give due importance to it. But being a brilliant student in 10th grade, you can’t neglect the essay “Libraries.”

If we have a cursory glance at the past papers of different educational boards of Pakistan, we will find that the essay “Libraries” has been asked frequently.

If you have prepared it, then the next step is to add quotes to the essay “Libraries.”

Below are given best quotes for the essay Libraries. These are in poetic form and are generic, so you will find no difficulty to create room for these quotations.

To make your quotes more dominant in your test or annual paper, try to leave one line blank before and after the quote. These quotations will make your essay more authentic and the checker will be impressed. As a result, you may be able to get full marks.

10th Class Quotations For Libraries Essay in Pakistan

Here are the best quotations on libraries essay in English. You can use these quotes about essay libraries in your test or paper with confidence.

Utilizing these quotations about libraries essay in your paper is guaranteed you will get high marks.

Is carved on this tree,
Was defeat or victory,
Unveiling the mystery,
Libraries are history.

Calym Nush
libraries essay quotations

When I took,
My favorite book,
From library,
I was in past,
I met contemporary.

Calym Nush
libraries essay quotes

An Island of wisdom,
Above the kingdom,
Consists of books,
Don’t care for looks,
Like magical fairy,
It is library.

Calym Nush
quotations on libraries essay in english

In the house to be a guest,
Where is couch to take rest,
But to read there is no book,
Wrong place actually you took.

Calym Nush
quotes for libraries essay

Book is a drop library the sea,
It is same for he and she,
To the locked minds, it is key,
Here is unveiled, taboo tree.

Calym Nush
quotation for libraries essay

The grandeur of civilization,
Is evident through libraries,
A book defines its nation,
The formers and the contemporaries.

Calym Nush
quotations about libraries essay

In this world,
All is temporary,
If you know,
Except library.

Calym Nush
quotation of essay libraries

Man to man, bumble is vary,
They find fixes, then contrary,
If can selfless and contrary,
It is the book and library.

Calym Nush
10th class quotations for libraries essay

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