Quotations For Essay City Life 10th Class

Though the “City Life” essay is not frequently asked at the matriculation level yet as it is the syllabus of the 10th class so we can’t neglect it.

What cities are? In which city are you living? What are the conditions of living in your city, all can be described in a prose version when you write an essay on “City Life.”

But still, you need to adorn your essay with the best quotes about city life to impress the checker to get full marks.

Quotes about city life essay are rare. In a rarity, what we find is not suitable enough to be quoted with all convenience.

But here are the best quotes for the essay “City life” or ” Life in a big city.”
These all are in poetic version. You can prepare these quotes easily and adding 3 to 4 quotes to your essay will make your job done.

The thing to remember is to create the room before you add the quotes in your essay. It means your paragraph should speak the same line of intent that is mentioned in the quotation about city life essay.

City Life Essay Quotations For 10th Class in Pakistan

Here are the best quotations on city life essay in English. You can use these quotes about city life in your test or paper with confidence.

God created the garden,
Humans made the city,
In villages that is undone,
Cities are in that witty.

Calym Nush
city life essay quotations

Carpet roads and paved lanes,
Connecting people run the trains,
Offering cure for the pains,
City life has charm and gains.

Calym Nush
quotations about city life essay

A good city is not the zoo,
Where people are put into,
The gaol of the pains,
It is like the rains,
That are for everyone,
To enjoy and to have fun.

Calym Nush
quotes about city life essay

Everyone creates a city,
Cities are for everyone,
Like the rain and the sun,
When their term is done,
From older to the teen,
Everybody gets a beam.

Calym Nush
quotation about city life essay

What is a city?
Phenomenon of man’s progress,
Evident of civilization,
Giving the people a good hope,
To hold tightly the rope,
Tomorrow will be greater,
These splendid cities are just starter.

Calym Nush
quotations for city life essay

In today’s world of sufferings,
Cities are the true blessings,
Feeding the hungry, offering cure,
Giving shelter to the refuge.

Calym Nush
essay city life quotations

A good city is the one,
That feels like family,
Offering the good conditions of,
Feeding, dressing and of livings,
Becomes blessing for human beings.

Calym Nush
short quotes about city life

Life in a big city is like,
Having an adventure and hike,
Going above every time,
Being towered and sublime,
There one can high fly,
Creating fun and enjoy.

Calym Nush
city life essay quotes

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