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True Muslim is an essay at the matriculation level, which is frequently asked by the examiner.

Students prepare it really well by using their aptitudes and utilizing the helping books, including the PTB composition guide. But they always find problems when it comes to adding quotes in True Muslim Essay. Though they find some true Muslim essay quotes to add; but, adding those quotes becomes bumble for them.

Here are the top quotations for the essay True Muslim. These true Muslim quotes are easy to learn by heart and, as they are in poetic form, they can be added with ease at the end or start of any paragraph.

These easy quotations for a true Muslim essay are not randomly spoken words by the intellectuals. These are the self-created quotations that originate from the Quran and the rest of the moral teachings. The version of these quotes is poetry which you will find convenient to learn by heart.

Quotations on True Muslim Essay in Pakistan For Matric โ€“ 10th

Here are the best quotations on a True Muslim essay in English. You can use these quotes about essay true Muslim in your test or paper with confidence.

True Muslim is the one,
By whom’s hand and tongue,
Nobody gets hurt,
In his own heart,
He has no dirt.

Calym Nush
quote a true muslim essay quotations

Being apostle of morality,
Crystal clear in reality,
Unmatched in nobility,
All above his ability,
Of a true Muslim,
It is the quality,
He never cheats,
Neither gets heat,
To the elders and small,
He is loved by all.

Calym Nush
true muslim essay quotes

Keen listener, polite in speech,
When others need, easy-to-reach,
Through his sayings and the deeds,
A true Muslim is there to preach.

Calym Nush
essay true muslim quotations

Says prayers and he fasts,
In his words are never contrasts,
A true Muslim holds his words,
What he says at that he lasts.

Calym Nush
quotation of true muslim essay

If a believer says,
There is no order but Lord,
But nothing it pays,
Neither will he get reward,
Until his heart and soul,
Does not accept Lord’s rule.

Calym Nush
true muslim essay quotations

A true Muslim is a dewdrop,
That gives life to the crop,
In his heart is too a flame,
To lay his life in Lord’s name.

Calym Nush
easy quotation about true muslim

A true Muslim has a sign,
Even in distress, he is fine,
As in view he is broad,
He is happy with the God.

Calym Nush
a true muslim essay quotes

A true Muslim is the Lord’s arm,
From his person no one gets harm,
As to peace is the dove,
For the humanity he is love.

Calym Nush
10th class quote a true muslim essay quotations

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