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The “Boys Scouts” essay is included in the syllabus of the 10th class. The essay is well written in the PTB composition book. It covers the topic, “Boy Scout ” from all angles. But the quotes which are considered a mandatory part of an essay are not included in the book.

Following are the best quotes for the essay Boy Scouts. These quotes are a generic description of the job of scouts and are in poetic form.

These quotations for the essay Boy Scout are in poetic form. You will find these quotes easy to learn by heart. After your matriculation level, you can also use quotes in the further exams of your life whenever you are asked to write about the Boy Scouts.

While using these boy scouts essay quotes, leave one line blank before and after the quotes so that quotes may be dominant. This gesture will assure the checker that you are a brilliant student and he will give you maximum marks.

10th Class Quotations For Boy Scouts Essay in Pakistan

Here are the best Boy Scouts essay quotations in English. You can use these quotes about Boy Scouts essay in your test or paper with confidence.

The scouts know,
How to give a helping hand,
To those,
Who in distress land,
They become a rose,
That bow,
For everyone,
Like a sun,
They shine,
Everything becomes fine.

Calym Nush
boy scouts essay quotations

Scouts spread,
Helpfulness and health,
Above all, the happiness,
Which is real wealth,
They prove the real being,
By making others’ lives worth living.

Calym Nush
boy scouts essay quotation

When the trouble,
Even gets the double,
The scout comes before,
Happiness to score,
For others,
Like the mothers,
He takes care,
He has no fear.

Calym Nush
boy scouts essay quote

It’s the scout’s responsibility,
To enhance his ability,
By showing loyalty,
To his work of serving,
Not being nerving,
To make himself ready,
Even before his daddy.

Calym Nush
boy scouts essay quotes

For a scout,
A week in a tent,
Is meant,
Better than the nights,
Those spent,
at home, in delights.

Calym Nush
boy scout essay quotes

The scout girl and boy,
Isn’t meant for toy,
Rather to bring joy,
On those faces,
Who in cases,
Of the distress,
Find them in stress.

Calym Nush
boy scout essay quotations

In boy scout’s life,
Tenting and a knife,
Are the basic teachings,
To bring the blessings,
In the lives of those,
Who in crises,
Become the dry rose.

Calym Nush
boy scout essay quotation

Above the blinking, beyond the doubt,
Without sword they are fought,
In all the crisis and in drought,
Who stands tall, is the scout.

Calym Nush
QUOTES ABOUT boy scouts essay

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