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Hockey is the national sport of Pakistan. Pakistan has won many distinctions in this game. But these days, it is cricket that is everything. So our youth don’t know the rules of the game of hockey and thus find themselves in trouble when they are asked to write an essay about the Hockey Match.

If you are a Matriculation level student, you would be asked to write an essay on Hockey Match. It is included in the syllabus of the 10th class.
Hockey Match essay can be learned from any book. But quotes about Hockey Match are usually found rare.

The following are the best quotes for the essay Hockey Match essay. These quotes are generic and can be adjusted at the end or start of any paragraph. Take good care of punctuation marks while adding these quotes, as the quotations are in poetic form.

Using different blue ink for the hockey match essay quotes will make them more dominant. For this, you can use a pointer instead of a pen.

Hockey Match Essay Quotations in Pakistan For 10th Class

Here are the best quotations on hockey match essay in English. You can use these quotes about essay hockey match quotations in your test or paper with confidence.

Hockey is the game,
That offers you fame,
But the condition is this,
Never miss,
The playing routine,
Even if the circumstances,
Not in favor, have been.

Calym Nush
hockey match essay quotations

Playing hockey is like,
As you are on a hike,
Climbing up the mountain,
Putting the fear detain,
To achieve the glory,
Complete this story.

Calym Nush
hockey match essay quotes

In a hockey class,
Never miss the pass,
To score the goal,
Know your role.

Calym Nush
a hockey match essay quotes

The flick of hockey stick,
Put the ball in the goal,
The opponents felt it sick,
Saying that it was a foul.

Calym Nush
a hockey match essay quotation

The first of the rules of ten,
Hockey is the game of men,
What about the rest of nine?
Stay strong and feel it fine.

Calym Nush
hockey game essay quotes

Though a bit naughty,
But the real game is hockey,
In field if you run fast,
You can score a goal at last.

Calym Nush
essay hockey match quotations

Ball was hit, and hit was deeper,
Could not stop the goalkeeper,
Crowd went wild when it clapped,
Thus match ended, it was wrapped.

Calym Nush
essay hockey game quotations

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