Quotations For Essay Visit to a Hill Station

“A visit to a Hill Station ” is an important essay at the matriculation level. Though students like it the least, its importance can’t be neglected. Students are asked to write approximately 250 words to describe their visit to the hill station.

The essay is well written in the PTB composition book but there are no quotes in it that are considered an integral part of the essay to get full marks.

Following are the best quotes for the essay ” Visit to a Hill Station.” These quotations are in poetic form and can be adjusted with convenience in different paragraphs.

First, prepare the essay then read these quotes, you will easily understand which quotes can be written in which part of the essay.
Use the thick pointer to quote the quotations. It will make the quotes more dominant.

A Visit To A Hill Station Essay Quotations in Pakistan For 10th Class

Here are the best a visit to a hill station essay quotations in English. You can use these quotes about essay visit to a hill station in your test or paper with confidence.

When a friend of mine,
Told me at nine,
We are going to hill station,
I felt it was a huge temptation,
Being admirer of the nature,
I could not put it on later.

Calym Nush
hill station quotes in english

The youth of the nations,
Who have hill stations,
Are courageous and dare,
To overcome the fear,
Who reach the tops, are a few,
But these few enjoy the best view.

Calym Nush
hill station quote in english

Said Wordsworth,
Nature has a healing power,
As it gives birth,
To the inside flower,
Mountain becomes the mother,
Giving you the view another.

Calym Nush
a visit to a hill station essay quotations

Floating clouds over the hills,
Soothe inner self and these work,
Like the tonic or refreshing pills,
That encourage not to shirk.

Calym Nush
a visit to a hill station essay quotation

Visiting the hill station,
Is a better notion,
To get a break,
For the sake,
Of your health,
Which is the real wealth.

Calym Nush
a visit to hill station essay quotations

Up above the hills,
The fascinating scene stills,
In the gentle breeze,
Nodding heads of trees,
Catch my mind,
A new world I find.

Calym Nush
a visit to hill station essay quotation

I like hills the best,
As in their chest,
There are hidden treasures,
To offer us the pleasures,
That we can’t find in city,
If much we are witty.

Calym Nush
hill station quotations in english

When there ended our turn,
We decided to return,
I thought in my heart,
It’s hard to depart,
But the mirths these hills gave,
To me, forever I will save.

Calym Nush
hill station quotation in english

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