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In today’s world of modern advances, the importance of information technology can’t be neglected. Considering it an important topic, examiners usually ask the students to write an essay on the topic of “Information Technology.”

Students can learn this essay by seeking help from different books in the syllabus. Some are sharp-minded. They use their aptitude and observation to cover the topic. But when it comes to adding the quotes in the essay, “Information Technology”, The students find difficulty as there are not many quotes related to the core value of the essay.

Following are the best, witty and quote worthy quotes for the essay, “Information Technology.”

These are in poetic form so are easy to learn and remember for a long time. While adding these quotes in your essay, take great care of punctuation marks, and don’t bother to add or remove something from these quotes. It will kill the basic nature of the intent and content.

Quotations on Information Technology Essay in Pakistan For 12th Class

Here are the best quotations on information technology essay in English. You can use these quotes about essay information technology in your test or paper with confidence.

In human history,
If you unveil the mystery,
There are two ages,
Pre-information technology,
And the age of information technology.

Calym Nush
information technology quotes for essay

To the common man,

From bulb to fan,

Every invention was revolutionary,

But information technology is above all.

Calym Nush
information technology quote for essay

In every walk,
While we talk,
Even being far away,
Tribute, I pay,
To information technology.

Calym Nush
quotations for information technology essay

To information technology,

The messenger owes,

For shoe, now he does not care,

As he can share,

The message, through information technology.

Calym Nush
quotation for information technology essay

Through the internet,

A family has become the planet,

Through information technology,

We are close to each other.

Calym Nush
quotations on information technology essay

Some are far, close are some,

I wonder, what the world will become,

To both, we can see and talk,

Thus the technologies can rock.

Calym Nush
quotations on information technology essay in english

Through technology today,

All we can say is,

Even if one is far away,

It feels as if with us they stay.

Calym Nush
quotes about essay information technology

All the wonders of science,

Can be important but,

Without information technology,

The world will not be what,

As it is today,

That’s all to say.

Calym Nush
Quotations on Information Technology Essay in Pakistan

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