Quotations For Essay Why I Love Pakistan

Why I love Pakistan” is a frequently asked essay in Pakistan at the intermediate level. It is also asked in descriptive tests of competitive examinations.

Wherever and whenever you are asked to pen down your ideas about the topic, Why I love Pakistan, you can adorn it by adding the following quotes to it.

These quotes are in poetic form and describe the different characteristics of the land of Pakistan. So you can adjust these quotations in different paragraphs of your essay where you find a suitable room. 

Take care of punctuation marks and to dominate these quotes leave one line blank before and after writing the quotes.

Quotations on Why I Love Pakistan Essay in Pakistan For 12th Class

Here are the best quotations on why I love Pakistan essay in English. You can use these quotes about essay why I love Pakistan in your test or paper with confidence.

As it’s my motherland,
So you can understand,
Why I love it,
I frankly admit,
It’s land to thee,
Everything it is, to me.

Calym Nush
why i love pakistan essay quotations for 2nd year

In my blood vessels,
There travels,
My love for my country,
My heart is the one tree,
Where blossom the flower,
Of patriotism, at every hour.

Calym Nush
why i love pakistan essay quotation for 2nd year

Love for my nation,

Is the station,

Of all the pivot duties,

Where I find all the beauties.

Calym Nush
why i love pakistan essay quotations

Landscape and mountains,
All the seasons it contains,
And the rain here fountains,
So we find the corn and grains,
Thus my country is my love,
To me, it is high and above.

Calym Nush
why i love pakistan essay quotation

My country is a place,

Of high prestige and grace,

Here youth lays their lives,

For its defence, they always strive.

Calym Nush
quotations about essay why i love pakistan

From child to youth,

Are embodiment of truth,

Every citizen of my country,

Is akin the tree,

That gives shade to its land,

For its dignity, they always stand.

Calym Nush
quotation about essay why i love pakistan

My love for my land,

Is huge and is grand,

From it I never demand,

Pearl to me is its sand.

Calym Nush
why i love pakistan essay easy quotations

Listen man,

If you want to know,

Why I love Pakistan,

You need to sow,

The seed of patriotism,

In thy chest,

To understand,

To me, why is it best?

Calym Nush
patriotism why i love pakistan essay quotations

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