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For essay writing, “Democracy” is a topic for ages. Students have been writing on this ever famous topic, so is the case today.

If you are asked by the examiner to describe yourself about democracy in the form of an essay, you will have to add some relevant quotes to make your essay more logical.

Following are the best quotes for the essay Democracy. These can be added in every subtopic of “Democracy”, like merits of democracy, demerits of democracy, democracy in your country, future of democracy, or even in comparative essays on democracy.

Some of these quotes are to describe democracy. The others are about the merits and demerits of democracy. So whatever you are asked to write about democracy, you can easily adjust these quotes in your writing.

These quotes can also be used in signboards and slogans about democracy.

Quotations on Democracy Essay in Pakistan For 12th Class

Here are the best quotations on democracy essay in English. You can use these quotes about essay democracy in your test or paper with confidence.

Democracy is a government,

In which numbers are meant,

They don’t bother for wisdom,

What they want is a kingdom.

Calym Nush
democracy quotes for essay

It’s people’s rule, its democracy,

But all we know, its hypocrisy,

As common man doesn’t perceive,

Thus it’s easy to make him deceive. 

Calym Nush
democracy quote for essay

To get the boat,
Of government,
They compel people,
To caste vote,
As they are done,
They make fun,
In the name of democracy,
It’s modern days hypocrisy.

Calym Nush
democracy essay quotations

Even the worst of democracies,

Is better than dictatorship,

As it allows the lip,

To move against whip.

Calym Nush
democracy essay quotes

Democracies allow,
To show,
The power,
Of common man,
As he can,
By his vote,
To devote,
His interests,
Where he rests.

Calym Nush
what is democracy quote

In the world of democracies,

The vote has more power,
Than the sword,
As in the polling hour,
Even a coward,
With his thumb impression,
Can show aggression.

Calym Nush
quotation for democracy essay

Democracy owes the ecstasy,

Tolerance, justice, and equity,

Are weighted in the carat,

Unique it is, in its merit.

Calym Nush
quotes for democracy essay

Democracy has the advantage,

When it is in the worst stage,

Or the goals are not arranged,

By the vote, it can be changed.

Calym Nush
quotations on democracy essay in English

Democracy or dictatorship,

Both are to whip,

The common man,

As what to choose,

Between worst and worst.

Calym Nush
quotes about essay democracy

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