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“My Hero In History” is an important topic for essay writing at the Intermediate level. Competitive exams are no exception too. The topic is wide and you can choose a hero of your choice from the books of history.

The essay will remain dull and dry until you adorn it with decent and witty quotes. As heroic personalities are different in achievements, so having quotes about their individuality is hard to dig to do.

Here in this article, you have the best quotes for the essay “My Hero In History.” You can add these quotes according to the room of the different paragraphs.

12th Class Quotations For My Hero In History Essay in Pakistan

Here are the best My Hero In History essay quotations in English. You can use these quotes about My Hero In History essay in your test or paper with confidence.

In the book of mystery,
Of the man’s history,
I found a hero,
Who from zero,
Uplifted his nation,
With his passion,
From the clutches of slavery,
To win freedom with bravery.

Calym Nush
quotations about my hero in history essay

Hero is the man,
Who actually can,
What can’t be done,
Under the sun,
But with his vision,
Plan can be given.

Calym Nush
quotation about my hero in history essay

Music and drum,
Are not played,
To welcome,
A real hero,
Rather the breeze,
Itself blows,
And then allows,
Us to celebrate,
His achievements great.

Calym Nush
quotations for essay my hero in history

To be a hero is a journey,
Of refining oneself,
In the world refinery,
From ordinary to extraordinary.

Calym Nush
quotation for essay my hero in history

In hard times,

Against the crimes,

Who stands tall,

Akin the wall,

And gives people hope,

By holding the rope,

Of self-belief,

Is the real hero.

Calym Nush
my hero in history essay quotations

Heroes are not born,

To be worn,

Against the severity,

Rather in front of reality,

They are exposed,

To lead,

By their deed.

Calym Nush
my hero in history essay quotation

The one who leads people,

Toward their ultimate goal,

And wins the basic rights,

Without or with fights,

History doesn’t dim,

To give him,

The heroic title,

As he is vital.

Calym Nush
my hero in history essay for 2nd year with quotations easy

Some fight with guns,

The others hold the pens,

To win the basic rights,

In the darkened night,

For the miserable,

To make them capable,

To sing the freedom song,

They are heroes all along.

Calym Nush
my hero in history essay quotations in English

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