Quotations For Essay My Aim In Life

“My Aim In Life” is the oft-asked essay at the Matriculation and Intermediate level. Even in competitive examinations, it has been asked frequently. 

Aims are different from man to man but the importance of the aim remains constant for everyone. So different students fancy different aims and describe themselves regarding their tastes.

When it comes to adding quotes in their essay “My Aim In Life” they get disturbed. Here in this article, you will find the best quotes to add to your essay, My Aim In Life.”

These quotes describe the importance of an aim. So whatever you choose as your aim these quotes will suit that the best.

To make these quotes more dominant in your essay, use different shades of blue ink, and don’t forget to blank one line of the page before and after the quotes.

12th Class Quotations For My Aim In Life Essay in Pakistan

Here are the best My Aim In Life essay quotations in English. You can use these quotes about My Aim In Life essay in your test or paper with confidence.

In hearts there are desires,
To achieve what they wish,
No one, unless their aim fires,
Voyages to catch the fish.

Calym Nush
my aim in life essay quotations

To be persistent is the condition,
To achieve the goal of thy life,
Adding passion as an addition,
To cut the diversions it’s the knife.

Calym Nush
quotations about my aim in life essay

When the life is without aim,

It’s worth living you can’t claim,

It’s the aim that gives you fame,

This rule should find its frame.

Calym Nush
quotation about my aim in life essay

In my heart, I find a flame,

To achieve the goal and my aim,

As I know lives can’t be the same,

Of the passionate and the lame.

Calym Nush
my aim in life essay easy quotations

Aim is the light,
That shows the height,
Of thy dream,
Which is supreme,
Passion is the key,
If you see,
Your job is hard,
Somewhere is Lord,To help thee,
If you agree.

Calym Nush
my aim in life essay easy quotation

Aim is the force,

In life’s course,

To be succeeded,

What is needed?

Be steadfast,

At last, you’ll last.

Calym Nush
quotations for my aim in life essay

Aim in life is akin train,

That in mist and in rain,

Carries on, doesn’t complain,

And at last gets its grain.

Calym Nush
easy quotations for essay my aim in life

Having an aim in life,

Is akin the wife,

That helps to achieve,

What you doubt to believe.

Calym Nush
easy quotation for essay my aim in life

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