Quotations For Essay Corruption

“Corruption” is the hot topic for the essay writing question irrespective of grades. Usually, it is asked at the intermediate and graduation level. But competitive exams of different countries also carry great weight to ask the students to unveil their thoughts on corruption.

Thus, the topic has great importance and should be prepared with great zeal and zest.

After collecting enough material on corruption to write in your essay, the next step is to add quotes to it. Following are the best quotes that can be added in your essay “Corruption” with convenience.

These quotes are witty and in poetic form. You can add these quotations in different paragraphs of your essay. Creating room for these quotes and dominating them with a different shade of blue ink will be a better idea to show perfection to the checker to get full marks.

Quotations on Corruption Essay in Pakistan For 12th Class

Here are the best quotations on corruption essay in English. You can use these quotes about essay corruption in your test or paper with confidence.

What is corruption,

When there is interruption,

In the truth,

To mislead the youth.

Calym Nush
corruption essay quotations

While in merit,
You quote the carat,
Of the falsehood,
There certainly would,
Be the corruption,
A complete destruction.

Calym Nush
corruption essay quotation

For every culture,

Corruption is an ulcer,

That devastates the foundation,

Of any nation.

Calym Nush
corruption essay quotes

Corruption is the witch,

That supports the rich,

As they allure,

The poor,

To give them bribe,

For their rise.

Calym Nush
corruption essay quote

By increasing inequality,
Corruption banishes accountability,
Thus a nation is ruined,
That it is perfumed,
Of the cruelty,
That’s the reality.

Calym Nush
quotes on essay corruption

The violation of human rights,

Seems vivid akin day’s light,

When corruption peeps through,

You can get the broad view,

How it can ruin,
Whole society of human.

Calym Nush
quote on essay corruption

How corruption can affect,

If you have any suspect,

Look at face of the youth,

You will know the real truth.

Calym Nush
quotations on corruption essay in English

Misusing the power for thee gain,

Is corruption, brings the pain,

What you see is brain drain,

Rest is only blame and game.

Calym Nush
quotation on corruption essay in English

What corruption brings,

In inequality, it sings,

The song of destruction,

Hostile to construction.

Calym Nush
quotes about essay corruption

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