Quotations For Essay An Accident

“An Accident” is a familiar topic for the essay at the Intermediate level. Occasionally, it is also asked at the graduation level. It is a hot topic to assess the aptitude and observation of the students.

As it is written in a narrative style so while narrating the story, different scenes are produced. And these different scenes require different quotes to be quoted.

Following are the best quotes for the essay, “An Accident.” These are written in a poetic style so can easily be adjusted in different scenes of the essay “A Road Accident.”

To make these quotations more dominant in the essay, use a different shade of blue ink. Leaving one line blank before and after the quote will also be a good idea.

Take great care of punctuation marks and add these quoted word for word.

Quotations on An Accident in Pakistan For 2nd Year

Here are the best quotations on an accident essay in English. You can use these quotes about essay an accident in your test or paper with confidence.

Time brings up permanently,

Accidents, don’t happen accidentally.

Calym Nush
an accident essay quotations

To me being an evident,
It was more than accident,
To see the people spent,
There time in argument,
Instead of taking care,
Injuries who did bear.

Calym Nush
an accident essay quotation

Those who happily leave,
Their folks never believe,
They will never come back,
As in the sudden attack,
Of the road accident,
They are no more resident,
Of the earth,
Ahh! Has life any worth?

Calym Nush
quotations for essay an accident

In accidents, those who die,

The rank may they have high,

Up above in the heaven,

Twenty-four and seven.

Calym Nush
quotation for essay an accident

What I had to see,

I wish wouldn’t thee,

Crushed life and the van,

All hurried, all we ran,

What a horrible accident,
Experienced, while home I went.

Calym Nush
an accident essay for 2nd year quotations

What is life,
Can’t we relieve,
In the seconds,
The cruel winds,
In road accident,
Make us repent,
But what is done,
Is just the fun,
For the Lords,
While playing the cards.

Calym Nush
an accident essay for 2nd year quotation

Moments make the mistake,

While we intend to overtake,

What remains behind,

It can’t be defined.

Calym Nush
quotations on an accident essay in English

The lives that are lost,

In the road accidents,

Give the grief in tonnes,

To the near and dear ones.

Calym Nush
quotation on an accident essay in English

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