Quotations For Essay Pollution

Demanding local and international attention, pollution is a hot topic around the world. Students are often asked to share their thoughts on the topic of pollution in form of an essay.

In essay, besides writing about the root causes of pollution and their eradication, students need quotes to make their statement more logical.

The following are the best quotes about pollution essay. These all are in poetic form. With easy words and rhyming sounds, they will be easy to learn by heart.

These quotations can be adjusted at the end or start of different paragraphs. The use of different shades of ink for quotes and leaving one line blank before and after a quote will make it more dominant.

Even if you are to raise awareness about the harms of pollution, you can make these quotes written on your sign cards.

Quotations on Pollution Essay in Pakistan For 12th Class

Here are the best quotations on pollution essay in English. You can use these quotes about essay pollution in your test or paper with confidence.

Man’s contribution,

To environmental pollution,

Is akin ride,

To selfsuicide.

Calym Nush
pollution essay quotations

Unwanted change,
In the game,
Of life,
Is akin knife,
Man needs Constitution,
To root out pollution.

Calym Nush
pollution essay quotation

Nature gave purity,

Of health,

Man with its wealth,

Deceived the nature,
Killed his future,
With his own hand,
And he doesn’t understand.

Calym Nush
pollution essay quote

Man has given charity,

Of his prosperity,

In form of pollution,

Now he’s out of solution.

Calym Nush
pollution essay quotes

To his wounded soul,
Nature gave the pills,
But man, in return,
Showed no concern,
To nature, To mother,
As he is rather,
Selfish in approach,
Still needs a coach.

Calym Nush
quotations on pollution essay in English

Polluting the earth,

Is to warm the hearth,

Of climate change,

As in its range,

We are gonna burned,

Can’t be returned,

Until we plant,

Thus in future,

Can we enchant?

Calym Nush
quotation on pollution essay in English

An undesired change,

In the range,

Of nature’s activity,

Brings negativity,

By spreading pollution,

It creates confusion.

Calym Nush
quotes about essay pollution

Pollution is the mother of hell.

Calym Nush

If we are unmimdful,

About creation,

Of spreding pollution,

To our next generation,

What shall we give?

A healthy life to live.

Calym Nush
quote about essay pollution

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