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Experiencing a cricket match is always a fascinating phenomenon. In Pakistan, India, England, Australia, and Africa, a cricket match is watched and played with great enthusiasm. That’s why in these countries, students’ aptitude is judged by asking them to write an essay on a “Cricket Match.”

This question is usually repeated at the school level. To write an essay without adding quotes makes it dull and boring. These are quotes that depict the attention of the checker and he is compelled to give you full marks.

Following are the best quotes for the essay Cricket Match. These quotations are in poetic form and can be added according to the situation of the match.

Leaving one line blank before and after the quote will make it more dominant and the paper make up will be enhanced.

Adding 3 to 4 quotes will be enough. But these quotes should be adjusted according to the prose of the essay.

A Cricket Match Essay Quotations in Pakistan For 10th Class

Here are the best cricket match essay quotations in English. You can use these quotes about essay cricket match in your test or paper with confidence.

It is said a cricket match,
You can win by a chance,
In the field play the guys,
Mob is busy in the dance.

Calym Nush
cricket match essay quotations

First player got the ticket,
As the ball hit the wicket,
Bowler thanked and he bowed,
Went wild all the crowd.

Calym Nush
cricket match essay quotation

As the batter hit the ball,
It was gone, over the wall,
On the feet were standing all,
It is four, “umpire’s call.”

Calym Nush
quotes on cricket match essay

Then the batter took the risk,
Swung the bat with his wrist,
It was hit for towering six,
Crowd hurried for the clicks.

Calym Nush
quote on cricket match essay

There was a healthy batter,
Who was known as “The Blatter”,
To the ball who could shatter,
Hitting sixes wasn’t matter.

Calym Nush
cricket match essay in english quotations

As to others, I am same,
Cricket is my favorite game,
When I get a leisure patch,
I do prefer watch a match.

Calym Nush
cricket match essay in english quotation

After the innings was a break,

Players went something to take,

Crowd also enjoyed the cake,

I was searching for the shake.

Calym Nush
essay cricket match quotations

After the match all the crowd,

Applauded players and they bowed,

I took my way to home,

Where was waiting my mom.

Calym Nush
essay cricket match quotation

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