Quotations For Essay Courtesy

Courtesy is a good moral value in the daily functioning of life. It enhances the meaning of life.

At the matriculation level, students are also asked to write an essay on the topic, “Courtesy.” You have the best essay on, “Courtesy” in the PTB composition book, which is recommended at the matriculation level. But it does not contain courtesy essay quotes which are an integral part of the essay to get full marks.

In this article, the best quotes for the courtesy essay are given to add to your essay on the topic, “Courtesy.” These quotes are in poetic form. These are easy to learn by heart and you can easily adjust them at the start or end of the paragraphs.

Take great care while using the punctuation marks, as these have their own meanings. To make the quotations for essay courtesy for 10th class more dominant, leave one line blank before and after the quotes while you add them to your essay.

Courtesy Essay Quotations For 10th Class in Pakistan

Here are the best quotations on courtesy essay in English. You can use these quotes about essay courtesy in your test or paper with confidence.

For those, are here and are among,
Little, older, and for the young,
A little sweetness under the tongue,
Calls thy name when courtesy is sung.

Calym Nush
courtesy essay ki quotation

You are layman or are at peak,
Listen quietly, sweet you speak,
It’s the message and is antique,
Be soft to them, whom find you weak.

Calym Nush
courtesy essay quotation about courtesy

Bidding to morning saying good night,
With the folks never you fight,
Who are quarrelsome deal them light,
Being the courteous, make all right.

Calym Nush
quotations about courtesy essay

“Sorry” isn’t shame,
“Thanks” is welcome,
On thy mistake,
Don’t others blame,
Deal in courtesy,
It’s found seldom.

Calym Nush
courtesy essay easy quotations

It is common, among the courteous,
Sorry is instant, thanks is luxurious.

Calym Nush
courtesy essay quotations

Sweetness of tongue, love in heart,
Then deep in heart, there is no dirt,
Asks for well-being peace he seeks,
Rich in courtesy, when he speaks.

Calym Nush
quotations for courtesy essay

Courtesy is judged in adverse flow,
In fair weather, even thorns can glow.

Calym Nush
easy courtesy essay quote

Those who know, how to flow,
Courtesy comes first in their row,
Even in anger they behave in snow,
Patience is tool, they never it throw.

Calym Nush
Quotes For Essay Courtesy

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